Just balance us real quick.

1. Why do you get so angry when women turn you down?

Can’t a woman say “No” in peace? Why do you have to translate it into some sort of insult on your person?

2. Why do you hate romcoms?

That’s why you stay asking “How was your night” and “Have you eaten” on whatsapp. You think that is how lovers talk?

3. Why do you judge a woman’s sexual history more harshly than you judge a man’s? 

A women who has multiple sex partners is a hoe but a man who has same is a bad sharp guy? Make it make sense.

4. What formula do y’all use to convert “No” to “Yes”?

zikoko - questions for Nigerian men

And in what universe is it valid?

5. Why do you sit with your legs wide open in public spaces?

We understand you have balls but you don’t see women walking around waving their arms because they want to make room for their boobs or ass.

6. Why do adult men still think it’s OK to catcall on streets?

zikoko - questions for Nigerian men

You grew up and still picked up no manners?

7. Why do you put insane pressure on yourselves to “be a man”?

zikoko - questions for Nigerian men

“As a man you must” this, “As a man you should” that. You want to come and kill yourself by yourself?

8. Why are you so scared of gender equality

zikoko - questions for Nigerian men

Talk to us please.

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