For misogynist reasons, women who love sports are always asked one question or the other when they tell people they love sports. Here are seven of the things women hate they hate the most.

1. ‘Do you understand the rules?’

Women Who Love Sports

If you don’t geddifok, of course, they understand the rules. Do YOU understand the rules? 

2. ‘Which club do you support?’

Women Who Love Sports

They usually ask this one to gauge whether or not I even know football clubs. Do you ask every man you know is into sports which club they support? No? 

3. ‘Can you name your starting 11?’

Women Who Love Sports

 Why does a woman have to name the entire team to prove to you, who does nothing for her that she actually loves football? Get over yourself. 

 4. ‘I’m sure you only like it because of your (ex) boyfriend.’ 

Women Who Love Sports

What if she’s a lesbian? What now, Tunde? 

5. ‘You like sports too much for a girl.’

Women Who Love Sports

What does that even mean? 

6. ‘You don’t look like you like sports.’

Women Who Love Sports

Does it have a face? What am I supposed to look like? 

7. ‘When you marry, your husband will enjoy you.’

Women Who Love Sports

Because I exist for entertainment. Kmt. 

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