Bras are one of the most unnecessary things on earth. They dig into your skin, leave marks on your shoulder, and are just downright uncomfortable especially if you have bigger breasts. Now, because we all hate bras, here are some alternatives.

1) Nylon

We are all about recycling and taking better care of the environment, so why not take nylons and turn them into bra-like things? Tie a bunch of nylons together and use them as a bra. Not only is this good for the environment, but it makes you a DIY extraordinaire

2) Hands

Grab a pair of hands. They could be yours, they could belong to someone else, that’s not important. What gives better support than a pair of hands? Nothing! Two hands for both breasts. Personally, I think that was the intended plan.

3) Tape

So, you can do the boring thing people do by taping their nipples, or you can be bold and innovative by taping your breasts to your shoulder. Lift your breast up, paste the first end of the tape on your nipple, and the other end on your shoulder. Firm, secure and in place.

4) Papier mâché

The time has finally come to put primary school arts and crafts to good use. From the makers of the papier mâché cup I present the paper mache bra. Just do not wear it during the rainy season or else…

5) Clay

Look for the nearest incomplete building and pack some clay. Do not do this if you plan on hopping from bus to bus. It will crack, and problems will occur.

6) Nothing

Bras are a social construct anyway. Who cares what you use and choose not to use? The important thing is that you are happy.

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