Random acts of kindness are a good pick-me-up for bad days. In this article, five Nigerian women share their stories where random women were kind to them.

Bimbo, 23

When I gained admission into the University, I was supposed to stay with my aunt for a while. It was the second time I was going to her house — the first time was when I went for my post UTME. I missed my bus stop on my way to her house and the cab driver dropped me somewhere I did not recognize. My phone was dead so there was no way to reach out to my aunt. 

Luckily, I remembered the name of the school in front of her house. I tried to ask the people around where I was for directions to the school, but no one answered me. They didn’t even want to help me charge my phone either. I was about to give up when I saw this woman waiting for a bike. I walked up to her and asked for directions. After explaining to her, she called a bike for me and paid my fare. When I got to my aunt’s house, I was sad I didn’t take her number. 

Karen, 21

One day when I was in 100 level, I went to school for tutorials. I didn’t know I was on my period, and I was wearing a yellow skirt. I got up from my seat to talk to my friend and this girl walked up to me. She whispered in my ear that my skirt was terribly stained with blood. I thought it was sweet of her to tell me because no one else told me. I still see her in school, but I’m not sure she remembers me. 

Ada, 24

In July, I was rushing to school for a class and didn’t realize that I had forgotten my wallet until I reached my bus stop. I was so embarrassed. I asked the girl beside me to pay, and I would transfer to her. She declined the transfer but she paid for my trip. I was so embarrassed. 

Ife, 21

My mum died when I was 13, so I had to learn about everything related to women on my own. In June this year, I noticed my underwear no longer fit so I went to buy new ones. At markets, I was sorting through the pile of pants the vendor gave me to choose from when a random woman said, “Aunty, those pants won’t size you o.” She showed me that I could check whether or not a pant would fit me by stretching its thighs. I felt so touched cause no one had ever told me that before.

Muna, 21 

During my first year of school, I got lost on my way to Owerri. It was raining heavily and I was unable to board a bus. Soon enough, it became dark. I had bags and it was obvious I was lost. Anyone could have taken advantage of me at that moment. 

While I was standing there, one girl came to tell me it was unsafe to be there and I could get robbed. When I explained my situation to her, she asked me to follow her to her house. I had never done that before but something made me trust her. At her house, she hung my wet clothes, made me tea and gisted with me until I slept off on her bed.

The next morning, she made me breakfast before I left. It was such a sweet thing to do for a stranger. 

I was on my way to school for an exam last semster in a keke. We got to school and the driver didn’t have change for me and I couldn’t leave without paying him. A lady in the keke told me not to worry that she had already paid for me.

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