In the hierarchy of achievements, the Nigerian society deems important for women relationships that mature into marriage reign supreme. And in accordance women have to pass certain ridiculous relationship tests to improve the quality of their “wife materialness“.

1. The food tests:

zikoko - Ridiculous Relationship Tests

This test always comes in the form of “How many pieces of meat and how many eggs will you fry at a go?” They need to know if you are a wasteful person or a natural suffer head. And mind you, suffer head bags a clear A.

2. If you see your mother-in-law cooking, what will you do?

zikoko - Ridiculous Relationship Tests

This test is like one stone killing two beds, they want to test your team playing skills and see if you have respect in you.

3. If you see your future mother-in-law cooking/sweeping or washing clothes what do you do?

zikoko - Ridiculous Relationship Tests

Also, who should sit in the front seat if you are driving with boo and your future mother-in-law? Be respectful dear and acknowledge that your mother-in-law is the first official woman in your husband’s life.

4. You go to your man’s house and meet it dirty, what do you do?

zikoko - Ridiculous Relationship Tests

Like most questions on this list, this question sounds stupid but mind you, this is a test to see how efficient you truly are. The only acceptable answer is for you to swing into action, clean whatever mess your man has made, and then go into the kitchen to cook up a storm. Remember, this is a fight for a husband, you need to sit up.

5. Are you materialistic sis?

Can you cook a mature pot of soup with N500? Can you keep the home for a week with N1000? These are some of the issues sis.

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