What Would You Do If You Received A ₦45 Million Bank Alert?

November 24, 2015
Imagine you’re dead broke and you pray to God or Allah to touch someone’s heart to send you money, because the suffering is about to get real.
And then, you get a bank alert and check, only to find out that you were credited with forty-five million naira.
Yes ₦45,000,000. What would you do?

It actually happened to a Nigerian, like you and me.

This man is wanted by EFCC for vanishing with all that money.

These Nigerians were truthful about what they would do.

We have questions though. How was he able to withdraw that amount without his bank noticing what was happening? That means it happened over a period of time. So, how come it took CBN a while to notice that ₦45 million was missing? [zkk_poll post=11143 poll=content_block_standard_format_8]

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