Twitter Nigeria’s Biggest Troublemaker Account Just Went Down Hard – And Not Everyone is Happy

May 15, 2017

The SubDeliveryMan Twitter account is as synonymous with Nigerian Twitter as jollof rice is synonymous with owambe. So when the account was recently suspended, everyone was understandably shocked.

Okay, maybe not everyone sha.

Some people were doing like this:

As if they had just given them fresh jollof rice.

And for all those people that are happy, the not happy ones are now calling them bad belle.

And looking at them one kind.

But you cannot blame them. Now that the account has been suspended, their Twitter subs must be delivered with full chest; and it’s not easy.

And while some people are crying for the account to come back:

Or looking for how many retweets will bring him back:

Or conducting a poll to see if people even want the account back at all:

Others don’t even understand what all the wahala is about sef.

But people aren’t only missing the account for its subs.

SubDeliveryMan was also a helper of the needy!

A man of the people!

And even if he had done bad sef, at least he had done more good shey?

Dashing money and all.

Not everyone is buying it sha. To these guys, SubDeliveryMan is like that King Geoffery that was killing people anyhow in Game of Thrones.

Just come and be doing wicked wicked things everywhere.

And some people don’t understand how anyone can miss the account.

But the heart wants what it wants.

And like Batman, the guy has already promised HE WILL BE BACK!

So na to just siddon watch remain.

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