Nigerian Twitter Reacts to Socialiga; Another Twitter Football League for Football Lovers

November 18, 2015

Twitter Premier League came along a year ago and gave us something to be excited about. 

The inaugural TPL edition happened in May 2014, at Meadow Hall, Lekki; with four teams participating: The Guns, The Rebels, the Blues and The Red Devils.
The 5th edition was held in September, at the Campos Mini Stadium, Lagos Island. It was arguably the biggest TPL yet.

It brought lovers of social media and football together.

it was also a place to catch up with friends and make new friends, set p and physically meet those you’ve been chatting with in DMs, while enjoying good food and watching live matches.

But recently there were talks of some teams being dissatisfied with the TPL management policies.

5 of the original 6 TPL teams defected. But to where?

Then came The SociaLiga.

Yup! We got our answer.

The SociaLiga = 5 Defecting TPL Teams.

+ Basketball and bouncing castles! Honestly!

Nigerians react.

Some wondered what Socialiga is.

And got answers.

As well as how it was formed.

Is the competition the future?

Some wondering which one to go for.

And if there will be competiton.

Some not caring, as long as they get to see their favourite teams play.

Others jumping ship.

Or wanting to be convinced of which side to pick.

One realising that this is just like a coup.

Another seeing TPL and Socialiga as being amicable.

Will the ‘Lady in Red’…

Or the lady in the blue dress show up at the inaugural Socialiga event?

Another enticed by good branding.

The memes.

Some just going for the food. Purely for the food.

This person for the bare pettiness of it all.

It’s now free. See turn up!

The well wishers.

Now, we hear that both events will be on the same day.

We’re definitely looking forward to seeing what Socialiga will be like.

Now, let’s vote.

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