Tomato Prices Have Crashed and We Are Just Too Happy

August 2, 2016

There’s always scarcity of one thing or another in this country. Mostly its petrol or money, but in the past months tomatoes did us strong thing!

The scarcity was caused by Tuta Absoluta, also known as tomato ebola, a moth species which led to the destruction of 80 percent of tomato farms in Jigawa, Katsina, Kano and Kaduna States.

The price of a basket of tomatoes basically rose from about N800 to over N25,000. Governor El-Rufai even sent a delegation to Kenya to find solutions to this saucy problem, because things like this started happening…

The delegates carried their bags to Kenya to get some answers to the wahala.

Kenyans were just looking at us like…

But to God be the glory, the price of tomatoes are finally back to normal, and we have the rains to thank. Apparently, those rude moths can only mutate in the dry season, and don’t survive in the rainy season.

Now tomatoes are in abundance and we can finally do this…

And eat our red, spicy Jollof in peace.

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