Things are happening in this our Nigeria

It appears that the Nigerian Bottling Company (manufacturers of Fanta, Sprite and Coca-cola in Nigeria) have been doing us plenty wayo

Apparently locally produced Sprite and Fanta are actually poisonous when taken with Vitamin C

And the soft drinks contain dangerous levels of benzoic acid and sunset additives

One Mr Fijabi attempted to ship large quantities of soft Fanta and Sprite to the United Kingdom in 2007, but they were declared unfit for consumption by health authorities in the Department of Environment and Economic Directorate because of a high level of cancer-causing substances. The goods were destroyed and Mr Fijabi sued NBC  for damages in 2008.

But NBC says their product is fit for ‘local consumption’

So we should be ingesting poison because we are not Oyinbo?

In a court ruling on Monday,13th March, a Federal High Court Judge said the soft drinks should be fit for consumption by anyone irrespective of race or creed. She also ruled that:

That NAFDAC shall forthwith mandate Nigeria bottling company to, within 90 days hereof, include on all the bottles of Fanta and Sprite soft drinks manufactured by the company, a written warning that the content of the said bottles of Fanta and Sprite soft drinks cannot be taken with Vitamin C as same becomes poisonous if taken with Vitamin C.Justice Adedayo Oyebanji

People are asking why the coloring is so different

What of people that can’t use drugs without adding one bottle of Fanta?

Are we not finished like this?

As for NAFDAC, we have one thing to say to you

Stop selling our souls to the devil!


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