As if the list of things that get imported into the country isn’t shocking enough…

The Inspector General of Police recently disclosed that the Nigerian Police Force has spent roughly 600 million Naira on the importation of dogs from South Africa in the last couple years.

The Inspector-General, Solomon Arase stated that 400 K-9 dogs will be bred in Nigeria rather than spending all that money on importing foreign breeds.

This means the Buy Naija movement has spread to the Nigerian police.

Maybe Daddy Fashola can pump all that saved money into the power sector so Nigerians can get better supply of electricity.

No shade to these dogs but will the locally bred police dogs be groomed like the Nigerian dogs we all know of?

When you find out the police spent 600 million on dogs but can’t arrest the armed robbers troubling your street.

Why haven’t we seen these dogs patrolling the streets with the Police Patrol Team?

When you realise all that money could have solved the “Madam, we no get fuel for our van” problems.

Or used to improve the deplorable conditions of police cells and their inmates.

Anyway, this project will definitely save lots of money for the country. We hope these locally bred dogs get to finally serve the country this time around.

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