This Nigerian Air Force Simulation At The Airport Looked Real As Hell

September 8, 2016
The Nigerian Military has been in an ongoing counter terrorism exercise to cleanse the country of terror activities and militancy. The past few months have seen a massive decrease in terror activities in North Eastern Nigeria, where Boko Haram waged war aganst Nigerians for almost 6 years.

Yesterday, the Nigerian Air force suddenly invaded the Nnamdi Azikiwe Airport around midday, to passengers’ surprise.

It took a while before passengers realized it was only a simulation, and that there were no terrorists in the airport.

The simulation was based on a terrorist hijacking situation in the airport, and the Air Force got to test it’s extraction strength.

The scene was too real, mainly because the passengers at the airport were not informed before, and some were naturally scared.

Imagine just sitting on your own at the airport and you see a hoard of soldiers carrying guns, emerge from nowhere!

After all the Jet Li moves, Chief of Air Staff, Air Marshall Sadique Abubakar said the simulation was to show Nigerians the Force’s willingness to keep the country safe and terror free.

There will also be simulation exercises in Lagos, Kano and Rivers states, so don’t be scared if you happen to be at the airport when it happens! What do you think of the simulations?

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