Who runs banter on the internet? Nigerians!

What would you do if someone calls the luxury designer handbag that you bought with your hard earned cash fake?

It all began when Linda Ikeji, the owner of this bag shared the latest expensive addition to her wardrobe.

Her very first one.

But Nigerians love to dig out information from corners of the earth.

With solid proof of course.

And Nigerians came for Linda…

In droves..

But she wasn’t having any of it.

She had to stand by every cent of the $14,000 she spent on the bag.

Are goods in the UK priced in dollars? We’re just asking oh.

Even the ones with fake handbags came for her.

Everybody lost all chill in the world.

This analogy.

For those who believe her.

The ones that couldn’t be bothered.

What goes around..

Might come back around for you on the internet.

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