Africans Abroad Share What Thanksgiving With Their Families Looks Like

November 26, 2015
It’s Thanksgiving, a day of giving thanks for the blessing of the harvest and of the preceding year. Africans both at home and abroad shared what happens on this day.

When Grandma’s prayer turns into a deliverance service, but you’re hungry.

When everyone else is eating turkey, but you’re eating this:

When you interrupt the adults to tell them to pass you some jollof rice.

When your cousin with a warrant takes the last piece of potato pie.

When you finally bring home a boyfriend.

When you hear shade thrown during prayers, then you realise it’s about you.

When your uncle takes the plate you made for yourself and you say “THAT WAS MINE”.

When they try to tell you how many pieces of meat you can eat today.

When you know it can never be complete without jollof rice.

When a family member insults the food that you brought.

When your uncle/aunt complains that you never call.

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When that aunt that didn’t bring any food leaves with 6 to-go plates.

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When you forget to greet your uncle/aunt.

When your parents tell you to leave your room and socialize with your extended family.

When you’re late and jollof rice is finished.

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