The Story Of The Bride That Ran Out Of Her Own Wedding

August 16, 2016
Something interesting happened one peaceful Owambe Saturday like that and we thought to bring the amebo to you, you’re welcome!

As we all know, the single life isn’t always fun. And that’s what made one Nigerian man slide into the DMs of a peng woman he met via Facebook.

After seizing the bae and finding true love, they decided the next step for them was to walk down the aisle. Not bad abi?

But on their wedding day, the unexpected happened!

The bride ran out of their wedding venue in Eket, Akwa Ibom after finding out her groom didn’t work in Oil and Gas as he claimed.

Unfortunately for her, she couldn’t run like Usain Bolt and people from the wedding caught up with her and dragged her to the wedding.

So she ended up going back to the church and marrying the guy o! THE END!

This bride was actually seen running from her wedding in Eket, but no-one knows what really happened sha. [zkk_poll post=47389 poll=content_block_standard_format_8]

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