Someone Suggested That All Fathers Should Perform DNA Tests On Their Children And Now Women Everywhere Are Triggered

June 7, 2017

Brethren! Women online have vexed.

And the reason will leave you shook.

So it started yesterday on Facebook in a group where the topic of fathers performing DNA tests on their kids to confirm paternity came up. The person that brought it up, just asked for people’s opinion on the matter but women in the group took offense.

And got Facebook to delete the group by reporting it for insensitive material.

There is a study that says that one in every 25 fathers is not the biological father of the child they believe to be theirs.

You didn’t know that, did you?

This, people of God, is why women are triggered. There are women out there who have stuff to hide and don’t want their husbands getting any ideas.

Check out some of the reactions from women. It’ll blow your mind. Like this woman that legit sent a death threat.

FAM! She sounded serious!

And this one woman that thought she made a valid point.

Then there were other reactions. Like this person that has exposed the plans of husbands everywhere after seeing this.

This person that revealed the real reason why so many marriages are still intact.

This person that kinda gave solid advice.

This person that insists that DNA testing is not in our culture.

This person that doesn’t even need DNA tests.

This joke based on real events.

This person that is tired of all the lying and deceit.

This person that has decided where his DNA is from without tests.

This one about deadbeat fathers.

Of course deadbeat fathers will want DNA tests. They’ll take any chance they get to escape responsibility. LOL

This person that suggests you do a lot of tests…..for some reason.

This woman that is all for DNA testing.

This person that came to offer his bizarre services.

And now, we leave you with this insane story/testimony.

This world sha.

Nawa oh.

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