This woman recently bagged her Ph.D in Environmental Toxicology from University of Calabar.

She is Mrs Uduak Onofiok Luke, wife of the speaker of Akwa Ibom State House of Assembly, Onofiok Luke.

Upon receiving her certificate, she went and knelt in appreciation to her husband.

She knelt to show gratitude to him for encouraging and supporting her.

But Nigerians stand on different sides as to her method of showing appreciation.

Some feel a hug and kiss would’ve sufficed.

Is it enough to call out misogyny?

Or is her kneeling so exemplary to be emulated in the nearest future?

When did enabling one’s wife get an education become so much of a sacrifice?

But people can show respect without necessarily having to kneel sha.

Maybe kneeling has become some sort of female role in the 21st century.

Would he do the same for her if he were in her shoes?

@Backarray @dian_kwase if the man would have done the same if he was given the opportunity…no I support her!

— TeBoGo Ntlwana (@Diced81) March 18, 2016

It could be nothing but a simple show of gratitude between two partners who support each other.

To each his own.

And in the end, everybody should face front.


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