When Father Christmas Comes To Town In Nigeria

December 23, 2015
‘Tis the season to be jolly! Christmas is in two days and Father Christmas is already in town. Whether you’ve been naughty or nice all year, he has something for all of you! But first, incase you’re wondering who Father Christmas is, he is Nigeria’s Santa Claus.

But are they the same? Nigerians say they’re not.

But seriously though, Father Christmas does certain things that makes us go like…

Check them out.

1. This one with a pot belly and a huge bum. We’re sure he can twerk!

2. This one that is trying so hard to be white and failing woefully!

3. This Muslim Father Christmas who came bearing gifts!

4. This one that probably lost his sleigh.

5. This one was probably stuck in traffic and decided to take a quicker route.

6. This faceless Santa.

7. Another faceless one with a grown man on his lap.

8. This Babalawo Christmas. Could he be Santa or satan?

9. This one that is just chilling.

10. This Santa band.

11. This one with Brazilian weave beard.

12. This Santa is husband material!


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