Reno Omokri Is Our Favourite Parody Account And Here’s Why

March 14, 2016

For those of you that don’t know him, Reno Omokri was the controversial Special Assistant to former President, Goodluck Jonathan.

He is also an accomplished pastor with a second personality, Wendell Simlin. As per FBI agent.

He has been blessing Nigerians with his nuggets of wisdom, some free of charge…

We were kind enough to share some of his mind blowing tweets of wisdom with you.

Sometimes he spends his hard-earned cash to share longer forms of these nuggets.

From the article he posted on Linda Ikeji, women should only aspire to be lovely and not sexy….

Because lovely women are better than sexy women.

Sexiness is Satanic…

“….I am convinced Satan promotes the word sexy so we can see women as sex objects….”

And Esther in the Bible was not a sexy woman…

“Why did Esther obtain this favour? It is a historical fact that King Xerxes had many SEXY women in his harem. Yet despite the multiplicity of sexiness available to him, it was the LOVELY Esther he chose as his queen…”

Even animals are not sexy….

“Even among animals, a lioness is a lovely animal and that is why she stays in a pride with her lion mate. The lion will protect her and together they will raise a family of cubs that stay with them until they start their own pride or are absorbed into another pride.”

What if his bitter truth is rather misogynistic?

“That is just the bitter truth. Some may call me misogynistic but I have a wife and a daughter that will testify to how I treat them like queens. Truth is bitter, lies are butter. One will purge you while the other will make you fat!”

Oga Reno, can’t women be both lovely and sexy?

When someone quotes the scripture to falsely back their rather unintelligent opinion.

How did he know Esther wasn’t sexy? Old testament prefect!

When people compare women to animals in a bid to make “smart” analogies..

No uterus, no opinion!!!

Not every time make baseless comments…

Sometimes keep shut.

Throwback to Mr Reno’s dual personality days.

Yes! Reno Omokri is the greatest Nigerian parody account on the internet. Is he hilariously mind blowing, hell yes! Intellectual and thought provoking nko? *cricket chirp* You can read the entire article here. [zkk_poll post=23375 poll=content_block_standard_format_21]

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