Celebrity interviews are usually interesting because we get to see them off the screen, talk about their careers and maybe their personal lives.

But these days, interviewers go overboard with the ridiculous questions they ask.

In an Interview with Zinnia from HFtv Africa, Omawumi talked about her growth as an artist and life as a mother.

The interview became ridiculous when the interviewer brought up a rumour about the paternity of Omawumi’s daughter. She asked if Omawumi truly bore her daughter for her manager or her husband.

Omawumi denied the accusations and said she chose to be polite because of the person asking.

To make things worse, Zinnia took things further and talked about another rumor. She asked how Omawumi keeps her alleged smoking and drinking habit away from her children.

Like a correct Nigerian woman, Omawumi clapped back at interviewer and asked if she had ever seen her smoking before.

And guess what? She walked out of the interview!

Watch the full interview here:

When people keep asking women how they manage their marriages and careers but will never ask Tuface or Davido how they cope with fatherhood and their careers.

When people ask the most ridiculous and unrelated questions during an interview.

When Zinnia said “You can’t run away from the truth especially when it’s looking at you in the face”.

When Omawumi asked her to still post the video while she was walking out.

We’re waiting for the reason Zinnia will give for this ridiculous interview sha.

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