Nigerians Share Their Christmas Memories

December 9, 2015
It’ll be Christmas sixteen days from today. And in the spirit of the season,

Nigerians are reminiscing on the different christmas experiences they had growing up via .

When you were banned from throwing the banger you bought with your pocket money.

When you had the inter-house battle.

When you had that neighbour who fed the whole street.

When you got to travel to the villa.

When you got to be Father Christmas.

When you expected tips for a job well done.

When you had this lucrative business.

When the ban on sugar got momentarily lifted.

When you were this morbid person.

When you went the extra mile for fried rice.

When the chicken saw its death coming.

When you had this argument.

When you got asked this question.

When you had this phobia. Probably still do.

When you had to make this difficult choice.

When you got to play while doing something important.

Do you still remember those things you did over the years, during Christmas?

Share them in the comments.


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