The year 2012 witnessed one of the biggest protests ever staged in Nigeria. Former President Goodluck Jonathan, tried to remove the fuel subsidy but Nigerians weren’t having it. However, on May 11 2016, the fuel subsidy was finally removed by the Buhari administration and it meant petrol will be sold at N145 per litre.

Although experts have argued that the country spends trillions of Naira on the subsidy which has not even benefited Nigerians…

They should have warned us sha.

Nigerians are still going to be the ones most affected by the increase in fuel price.

Because the country is already harsh enough on Nigerians.

Does this even guarantee an increase in the minimum wage?

Will our employers increase our salaries too?

The bus fares are going to be unbelievable.

How much will a full tank cost now?

Some people have obviously been hoarding fuel all this while.

Will things be better for the unborn generation of Nigerians?

No more going to pick anybody up again abeg.

Even though Nigerians are angry, some people still want to collect the prize for Chief Amebo of Nigeria.

It’s time to get our hustles up.

The subsidy removal better mark the end of fuel scarcity…

And we hope Nigerians will benefit from the subsidy removal as explained by the petroleum minister.


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