With the quick and global spread of technology, the most sensible thing for any country to do is to make data cheaper so it’s citizens can get east access to the internet. But unfortunately, not in Nigeria. The Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) on November 29, ordered an increase in data tariffs, simply because there is an ‘unhealthy price competition’ between network providers

This ridiculously senseless price hike obviously didn’t meet Nigerians well.

Some are already staging a protest.

Nigerian government people are kuku CEO of suffer-head limited.

Why are the cheap data rates paining these NCC people?

They’ve found the minister of commuications phone number sha, Nigerians have no chill!

Instead of them to say they want to scam us in broad day light

So the NCC shouldn’t hide under the guise of protecting small operators and tell us they want to exploit us.

— Oluwamayowa George (@Wana____) November 30, 2016

Maybe our parents would stop sending us those annoying BCs on Whatsapp.

Abeg, who did we offend o?

When your government doesn’t want you to prosper.

The government provides nothing. Flour, no. Eggs, no. Butter, no. Oven, no. But when it’s time to chow the agege bread, dem full ground.

— the II% (@utomisphere) November 30, 2016


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