David Cameron Said Nigeria Is Fantastically Corrupt But Nigerians Didn’t Take It Lightly

May 11, 2016
It was reported that President Buhari left the country to attend an anti-corruption summit in  the UK. However, UK’s Prime Minister, David Cameron had a few things to say about Nigerians.

In the video below, he can be overheard telling the Queen and other officials including the Archbishop of Canterbury, about the proceedings of the summit.

He stated that leaders of the most fantastically corrupt countries are attending the summit. He also added that Nigeria and Afghanistan are possibly the most corrupt countries in the world.

Well, we live in a country where billions of dollars get ‘missing’ while politicians divert public funds a la Suki Santa.

So David didn’t necessarily tell a lie but let’s state a few things…

David Cameron was said to have been involved in the Panama Papers wahala but he still had so much to say about some people’s ‘fantastic corruption’.

And he obviously wasn’t trying to be politically correct sha.

But some Nigerians believe the UK government has helped some Nigerian politicians hide stolen money.

And David shouldn’t be the one pointing corrupt fingers at any country/people.

But he should sha help us return our money.

And corruption has to stop in Nigeria.

President Buhari in his speech said he won’t demand an apology and in his words, “I’m not going to demand any apology. All I demand is a return of assets. What would I do with apology?”

We hope all Nigerians make efforts to end corruption at every level so that people like David won’t throw such shade at us in the future.

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