A Nigerian Lawyer Is Suing The Government For Banning Sale Of Fuel In Jerrycans

July 29, 2016
Finally, someone has come to admit that #JerryCanLivesMatter. During the horrible fuel scarcity that rocked Nigeria in 2016, the government banned the sale of fuel in jerrycans.

This ban resulted in people carrying their generators to filling stations. Seriously, we’re not joking.

However, a Nigerian lawyer and human rights activist, Chief Malcolm Omirhobo, isn’t taking this ban lightly. He has filed a lawsuit against the Nigerian government, challenging this really stressful ban.

He said the fact that Nigerians don’t even have light at home is enough reason to overturn this ban.

In his opinion, instead of arresting people with Jerrycans, the Nigerian police ought to check the activities of Black Marketers and also people who engage in jungle justice.

Basically, the Nigerian government need to face their work and simply:

We hope something positive comes out of this lawsuit. Four words: Chief Malcom for President!

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