While some people love NYSC with all its wahala, we all have to admit that having to teach during NYSC isn’t the coolest experience.

And while many of us aren’t even over this teaching idea, a civil society organisation, Buhari Youth Organisation, believes the NYSC service year should be devoted to farming.

According to their spokesman, Abdul-Waheed Odunuga, the NYSC scheme needs to restructured so that graduates can help boost Nigeria’s agricultural sector during their service year.

He suggested the state and federal governments create farms where graduates can learn agriculture and farm while serving the country.

Instead of them to suggest realistic solutions to the unemployment problem in Nigeria, they’re talking about farming.

Anyway, the corpers can kuku use the farming as an excuse to join fitfam, muscle cannot waste.

Or they could just start one farm in their backyard, don’t say we don’t do anything for you guys.

In this age where graduates of developed countries are making ground-breaking discoveries, some people still believe Nigerian graduates would be better off learning a trade.

Nigeria will only keep up with the rest of the world if opportunities can be provided for its citizens to improve the failing sectors in the country.


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