In case y’all didn’t know, you need to know now, Nollywood is not your mate.

Yes, ashuali, I do. Ah mean, just look at this movie, Banana Island Ghost, it’s got everything…

It’s got a dead guy…

Like, no white cloth…no powder on the face… nuffin. Isn’t that just the hottest Nollywood dead guy you ever saw?

It’s got God…

See Baba God stunting in white jalabiya and cap! Ah men! Move over Morgan Freeman, we’ve got a new god here!

AND it’s got an Indian ninja!

Yes. Daz right. She’s Indian and she’s a ninja.

It’s also got Chigul, so you know you’ll laugh till you cry.

And then there are some kick ass fight scenes that we promise you will not see coming.

You know what, just even watch the thing:

Have you seen this video? We promise it’s the second craziest thing you’ll see today:


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