It’s necessary for a country to have ambassadors that will represent Nigeria in foreign countries and this was why the Senate Committee on Foreign Affairs screened 15 out of 47 ambassadorial candidates for confirmation on July 26.

Apparently, the candidates were expected to recite the national anthem as part of the exercise but the funniest thing happened.

According to the amebo reported by Punch, some of them were unable to recite the national anthem.

In the report, the people at Punch said some of them were even chopping mouth when asked to recite the national pledge.

The funniest one was the candidate that first recited the old national anthem before he was eventually corrected. Maybe he forgot we’re in 2016 sha.

When people who are supposed to represent Nigeria can’t recite the National anthem and pledge properly.

But who are we to judge? We’re sure some of you have forgotten the national anthem and pledge.

But if you’re a bad guy like us, show yourself in the comment section and let us know if you can remember both of them.


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