Our #ArgentinaMustGo Manifesto

Ladies and gentlemen, grab a pen and paper. We’re about to do some serious calculations.

We’re back to using further maths to know whether we are going to qualify. Like we’ve done with everything truly Nigerian.

As we all know, we lost our first match against Croatia, while our boys were dancing shaku-shaku.

But let the past just remain in the past please.

We turned up the heat and destroyed Iceland in our 2nd Game. Melted their ice anyhow.

If you haven’t seen it, we’re seizing your Nigerian passport.

Now, for some reason Argentina’s Mascherano is pretty confident that they’re going to win against Nigeria today.

But he doesn’t know what’s coming yet. He doesn’t know.

Whatever anybody wants to say or do, one thing is for sure; ARGENTINA MUST GO.

Put all of them inside bag, let them be going back home.

If only our twitter prophet predicted this match like he predicted the last one.

Prophet where are you? Please don’t wake up until you’ve dreamt o.

Ahmed Musa has become a national treasure, and we need to protect him at all cost.

Whatever it takes.

While we are protecting Musa, we have to keep another individual in mind. Messi.

Bury Messi.

See we have three options for this game.

Just three.


So that everybody can drink and be baby boys and girls.

The second option is also quite simple. Win.

You heard that right.

And the third?

We could manage a draw. Win or die on de line. Now, if you could tell the Super Eagles one thing today, what are you telling them abeg?