On November 26, 2016, popular media personality Toke Makinwa published ‘On Becoming’ – recount of her life and tales of her 14-year-marriage to fitness consultant, Maje Ayida. In the book, she accused Ayida of financial negligence, infidelity and infecting her with STIs. The book had such massive sales- Toke revealed it sold out on the launch date.

The Cable Nigeria broke the news that Maje Ayida is suing Toke for defamation.

Maje claims to have suffered serious backlash and ‘ridicule’ because of the book.

The letter, alleged to have been delivered since December 23,2016 asked Toke to stop publication and sales of the book and to recall all copies in circulation.

According to the letter, Toke and Maje had signed a legal document to separate in July 2014 – a fact that is conveniently missing in Toke’s memoir. Maje also denied being a serial cheat and said he never gave Toke STIs, contrary to her claims.

He even wants an apology in This Day, The Guardian or The Punch.

And Zikoko of course.

People are not even here for this Maje’s drama at all.

So he now wants to delete the ones on our phones or what?

Maybe he’s just joking with us sha.

But Maje has supporters too.

Apparently, Toke did not plan this thing well.

He sued her in December sha, but okay.

Meanwhile Toke is flexing on her own.

From Lagos to Accra.

Oya Maje, Aunty Toke has not stopped, what are you now going to do?


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