Nigerians are yet to come to terms with the fact that cats can be pets but now have to deal with the fact that someone thinks a lion is tame enough to have as a security guard. Reports now confirm that a two-year-old lion was discovered in a residential building in the Victoria Island area of Lagos State.

The whole thing is so ridiculous, it makes me question the rationale of the Indian man who must have thought it too cliche to have a dog, so he decided to get a lion instead; training it to keep visitors out.

Which brings me to these questions:

How was the owner able to get the wild animal into his home without anyone knowing?

Where are our nosy neighbours when you need them?

Does anyone know how expensive it is to feed a Lion in Buhari’s Nigeria?

Because I’m really wondering.

The police force was quick to deploy officers to the residential area but remains slow to take action against the rampant insecurities in Nigeria?

Twisted priorities much?

Authorities took the Lion to the Lekki zoo yesterday; can they show us videos of how they did that?

I’m pretty sure it will give me lots of lol moments.

Do the authorities know that whatever zoo they plan to take this poor animal to in this country is dilapidated?

Who visits zoos these days?

But wait o, imagine if someone who’s scared of dogs goes visiting and sees a lion?


Apparently, the Indian may be prosecuted if he can’t come up with a good reason why the lion is in his home. But, I don’t think that’s good enough.

Surely, if LASPARK can sanction someone for cutting down trees then the Lagos State Environmental Sanitation and Special Offences Unit SHOULD definitely prosecute someone who knowingly jeopardized people’s safety; no maybe about it. What if the lion had killed someone?


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