We all remember this mic-snatching drama of 2009 and all the controversy that followed.

However, Kanye publicly apologised to Taylor Swift and they became friends afterwards, he even sent her flowers.

However, he stated he sought her consent before mentioning her in his 2016 song, Famous.

But when Taylor won a Grammy in 2016, she threw heavy shade at him for rapping about her in her acceptance speech.

In an interview with GQ, his wife, Kim, came to his defence and called Taylor out for lying .

Being a badass woman and the new winner of the petty Olympics, she jejely waited for National Snake Day, July 18…

And dropped the receipts of Taylor agreeing to let Kanye rap about her on Snapchat.

Twitter people were all here for the banter.

How Kim went to gather all the receipts.

Some people want to throw a party because Kim exposed Taylor’s lies.

Taylor’s fans are vexing.

Kim Kardashian actually won this one.

This hilarious and accurate bible verse.

When you’ve been forming bad guy and someone comes to tweet all your receipts.

What Nigerians see when people talk about Taylor.

Perhaps she learnt from Nigerian tailors.

Maybe Taylor is the shark in Scooby Doo.

Maybe that’s why her last album was named 1989.

Some people have no chill sha.

They even went to edit her Wikipedia profile.

Some people have a role for her in Mean Girls.

Was that why Kanye kuku snatched her mic in 2009?

Maybe Taylor has been lying to the world all this while.

And instead of facing front, Selena came to form best friend and was appropriately draaaaaagged!

We’re still waiting for Taylor to come and properly defend herself sha.

Shout out to Kim for blessing the world with this much banter. She’s officially the shadiest of them all.


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