Is this your face right now?

Well it’s uncle M.I that started it oh.

J. Cole fans were jejely tweeting their disappointment in him for failing to release the album he promised to drop in February 2016.

Coincidentally, M.I dropped his much awaited mixtape on March 1.

Mr J. Cole, M.I doesn’t have two heads now.

And after listening to M.I’s illegal 3 mixtape, a passionate fan tweeted this.

Someone then went to ask M.I this honest question..

And this was his response.

Ehn? M.I is great but is he really as great as the Jermaine Cole we all know?

This was what Nigerians had to say sha.

M.I isn’t so bad sha…

J.Cole is not anybody’s mate please.

But anybody can achieve greatness even from their backyard.

Maybe he was standing too tall.

Not everytime buy Naija to grow the Naira.

But finally sha..

You can listen to the mixtape here.

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