An Indian Politician Wants A Ban On Nigerians Entering India

June 9, 2016

It looks like Donald Trump isn’t the only politician calling for the ban of a group of migrants entering his country.

Indian politician and former minister, Ravi Naik, is calling for a ban on Nigerians coming into India.

According to him, Nigerians have a rough attitude, are ill-mannered and the cause of riots in major parts of India.

Describing Nigerians with an alleged racial slur, he added that Nigerians who do ‘dadagiri’, should be probed and moved out of the country.

In his words, “They create problems everywhere, we do not want Nigerian tourists. The Central government should ban Nigerians”.

Na wa o!

Isn’t it unfair to blame the crimes of a group of Nigerians on the entire nationality?

Criminals of any nationality will commit crimes whether they’re at home or abroad. Why should seeking bans be the first solution racist politicians resort to?

He should just come out and say he’s prejudiced against Nigerians instead of pretending to love his country so much. The Indian government should find better ways to combat crime in their country.

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