It was 7am on Friday, May 6 when Mrs Ronke Shonde was found dead at home in Egbeda. The family nanny had arrived to prepare the children for school and found the house locked. Peeping through the window, she found the little children crying because they couldn’t get their mummy to wake up.

After breaking the door open, Mrs Shonde was found dead and her corpse showed signs of domestic violence.

Her husband, Mr Lekan Shonde, was however, nowhere to be found. She was allegedly beaten to death by her husband, whose phones have been switched off since she was found dead. Her phone was also missing from the scene of the crime.

Surprisingly, Mr Lekan spoke to The Punch from hiding, claiming he had nothing to do with his wife’s death.

He claimed they only had an argument. He explained how he saw her by the staircase and thought she was only pretending.

According to him, his wife constantly cheated on him and refused to cook for him.

He said his late wife never bought anything for the house throughout the 8 years of their marriage.

He even said he gave her money weekly for soup and for her hair, bathed the children and washed her underwear when she got sacked from her bank job three years ago.

Lekan said Ronke got another job at a publishing company and started sleeping with her boss three months ago.

He said he had overheard her talking to the man he suspected she was cheating with about the sex they had during the week.

As he explained, he confronted her and it lead to an arguement on the night before her death.

He said the last time he beat her was three years ago and he never laid his hands on her afterwards although Ronke’s family members and neighbours insist he beats her very often.

He ended his testimony with this shocking comment, “I am a Lagos boy and I can be in this Lagos for the next 30 years and nobody would see me.”

These things aren’t adding up sha.

Why is Mr Lekan hiding if he truly didn’t kill his wife?

Why did he keep mentioning her infidelity and inability to cook for him instead of mourning her death?

Did he think of his children’s welfare before going into hiding?

May her soul rest in peace and we hope her killer is caught soon enough.

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