Jose Mourinho, manager and coach of the famous Chelsea FC was fired last week after a dramatic turn of events for the club.

It seemed exactly like a scene from a Nollywood movie and here’s why:

1. There’s that man that has his career going smoothly and living the good life.

Working at a top company and all that.

2. He was so good at his job, he named himself “The special one”.

Cockiness can be allowed sometimes.

3. He became so good and consequently so proud he started calling out his rivals.

He tagged Arsene Wenger a “specialist in failure” and bad belle started spreading.

4. He still stayed winning though.

5. Until he pissed off a woman and made her lose her job.

It begins.

6. Everyone begged him to take her back but he refused.

7. And things started going south for him, slowly.

8. Even his own team ganged up against him.

Where did the loyalty go?

9. Till he eventually got fired.

He also didn’t get his 40 million pounds entitlement, what is this life?

10. As the great plot twist that is life, his rival rose through the ranks and started winning.

Ah! How tables have turned.

11. What will happen to Jose after this? Will his team take him back? Watch out for part 2.


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