See 100 Years of Ethiopian Beauty Trends in Just 77 Seconds

November 23, 2015
All Africans are beautiful, and our fashion and style has gone through a series of evolution over time. WatchCut shows us how beauty trends in East Africa –Ethiopia in particular, have evolved over a hundred years in just over sixty seconds.

1. 1910s – The cornrows.

2. 1920s – The tweeny weeny ‘fros.

3. 1930s – The big, full hair.

4. 1940s – The big ‘fros.

5. 1950s – The bold makeup and lips.

6. 1960s – The teased hair, with curls.

7. 1970s – Coiffed hair with bangs.

8. 1980s- Party hair and bright makeup.

9. 1990s – The scrunchies.

10. 2000s – The straight hair.

11. Today – The soft, loose curls.

Watch the full video below:

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