This post isn’t here to bore you about how Nigeria has the highest rate of twins in the world. No, seriously, it’s not news.

It’s about a video that will definitely leave you in shock.

According to these British twin vloggers, there’s a “little place called Yoruba” which has the highest birth rate of twins in the world. Wait what?

After trying to explain how/why the Yoruba people name twins and pronouncing the twin names, Taiye and Kehinde, in the most ridiculous manner…

They ended the video with some “Yorubian folk music”.

What’s all this yama yama?

When foreigners try to explain African culture but fail at it.

In all honesty, they almost had it sha. But their reference to Yoruba as a place and description of Orlando Owoh’s music as “Yorubian folk music” is just unbearable.

Watch the full video here.


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