In case you missed it when Editi Effiong  showed us why Yankari Game reserve is more beautiful than imagined, we’re here to remind you again. This amazing shoot was created by a talented team, KJV, which is simply an acronym for Kureng- the lead photographer, Jaru- the makeup artist and Vera- the principal model.

1. It’s hard to get over how this was perfectly captured.

2. A glass of wine underwater won’t hurt anyone.

3. Just see how clear the water looks.

4. No need to worry about the recession, just pack your bags and go enjoy your life in Yankari.

5. Can we all admit that this photographer is a god?

If you can’t get enough of Kureng’s work, head on to his Instagram page

But in the meantime, you can watch behind the scenes of the photoshoot below:



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