What Would You Do If Your Boyfriend Dumped You After You Gave Him One Of Your Kidneys?

May 13, 2016

A Twitter page @NGtrends shared an article about a confused Nigerian man that fell out of love with his girlfriend who donated her kidney to save his life.

Nigerians were quick to react to the tweet and their responses were too funny, here are some of them:

He should stop playing and go and wash the plates.

This person thinks he doesn’t deserve the kidney.

This person wants people to stop sharing their organs anyhow.

Hay! See curses!

He better be one with her and her kidney.

This person will kuku remove all his organs if she were his girlfriend.

He should just buy another kidney for her.

Or return the kidney since the love has ended.

Why is he thinking of loving someone else with another woman’s kidney?

Didn’t he know he wasn’t in love when she was donating her kidney to him?

This organ donor is a strong person sha.

Nigerian mothers will beat you very well for thinking about donating your kidney to a boyfriend.

Nigerian men will take all your organs and still leave you.

He should just drop the kidney on the table abeg.

Or turn the kidney into love.

Who love don epp?

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