Kim Kardashian has been on a roll in the past few days.

First, she shared this picture on Instagram and Twitter, because she apparently didn’t have clothes to wear.

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When you're like I have nothing to wear LOL

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The photo caused wahala on the internet, with other famous people coming for her.

Then she posted another, because one isn’t enough

Then, just in case there were still people in the world that failed to see the initial photos, she shared this one again for International Women’s Day.

Piers Morgan – ever the practical man – offered to buy her clothes.

But it seems like he wasn’t the only one who did. Twitter user. @droid254, gave her a makeover.

With this…

@KimKardashian Please don’t do this …I got you ?????

— Droid (@droid254) March 8, 2016

And this…

@GaithoK #liberated #NguoArt

— Droid (@droid254) March 9, 2016

And this…

Krishna Kardashian #liberated #NguoArt

— Droid (@droid254) March 9, 2016

And this…

Let her work at Equity Bank @GaithoK #liberated #NguoArt

— Droid (@droid254) March 9, 2016

And this…

@droid254 last one … I think… ?#NguoArt #Liberated She’s now a “User Friendly Desktop Background Image”

— Gaitho Kimani (@GaithoK) March 9, 2016

And this…

last one #NguoArt #Liberated @GaithoK

— Droid (@droid254) March 9, 2016

This is really rather creative. Anyone this good with Photoshop should be feared.


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