Arik Air used to be the most disliked airline in Nigeria. But the events of today is making Nigerians do like this for them:

And here’s why:

During a Lagos to Abuja flight this morning, Arik Air security caught a thief right in the act.

The authorities were informed on arrival at Abuja airport.

And the dude was promptly carted away.

So here’s the gist on what really happened:

Appaz, this “stealing in the air” thing isn’t really new.

Even Arik Air has tried to catch them before but they will be forming “sharp guys”.

This is how they do it:

They will be watching you and watching you…

Then when they see that you’re sleeping or not looking, they’ll strike.

But na every day for the thief and just one day for the owner of the house.

Arik was ready for them.

By the time them catch the guy e just dey shake head.

It’s looking like new management is doing the airline some good. Arik Air, three GBOSAS for you!!!


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