All The Things That Went Down At The 500dishes Foodfest

August 3, 2016
On Sunday July 31, the mother of turn ups happened in Lagos. If you missed the 500dishes Foodfest, you really dulled yourself.

Because food was just flowing like river Niger, just ask the people that bought Eat-It-All tickets.

And there were so many baby boys and girls.

The slayage was unrivalled!

Even though the rain didn’t want us to prosper, some of us just opened our umbrellas and continued to slay.

And while the DJ was blasting quality gbedu, one sister was forming bigz girl and was listening to music on her phone. Na wa o!

As you already know that Zikoko makes everything better, we hosted the Zikoko Hunger Games.

The first game was pepper soup battles, and the competition was simple. We wanted to know how fast the competitors could finish a plate of pepper soup.

When the game began, they sharply downed their pepper soup in seconds.

And some of them didn’t even care about their fleeking make up.

After eating the pieces of meat in her bowl at the speed of light, Mary proved to be a pepper soup warrior and won the competition.

And because we wanted everybody to be happy, we launched our second game, First To Finish.

This time around, the game was a food relay where a team of 3 had to finish 3 different food courses on time.

As expected, the players were ready to die on the line as per there was Shawarma, small chops and Jollof rice to be devoured.

Instead of quickly eating her small chops, this aunty in the corner was forming shakara and hiding her mouth from us.

When it was time to eat the Jollof rice, some people were still forming ajebutter.

Eh ya! The ajebutter crew dropped out of the competition when they couldn’t keep up with the rest.

At the end, Segun, Tomi and Chukkie won the game!

And because we aren’t stingy koko, the winners went home with 10,000 cash, food vouchers and other gifts.

We had plenty fun and can’t wait for the next food festival.

This was how many people left the food festival after eating everything on their ticket.

All images credit: Antoss Photography

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