No doubt it’s 2016, the year that people can be unapologetic about whoever they want to be.

Unfortunately, some people have chosen to be the gate keepers of heaven and chief judges of mankind at the same time. This Facebook user shared 18 things he believes will lead women to hell:

1. Wearing weaves.

2. Wearing hair attachments.

3. Making rubber thread.

4. Fixing brazillian weave.

5. Wearing lipstick.

6. Using nail polish aka “Cortex”.

7. Wearing eyeshadow, fake eyelashes and eyebrows.

8. Wearing make up.

9. Wearing bangles.

10. Wearing big or small earrings.

11. Wearing trousers.

12. Using eyeliner.

13. Wearing any form of jewelry.

14. Wearing short skirts and skimpy clothes.

15. Having tattoos.

16. Bleaching the skin.

17. Perming or dying the hair.

18. Watching “worldly”movies and soap operas.

Na wa o!

When the gate man of heaven comes on Facebook.

When people always want to tell women what to do or wear.

When you realise he kept repeating the same things. What’s the difference between attachments, weaves and brazillian hair please?

When people interprete scriptures in the most ridiculous manner.

When people condemn people to hell in the name of “preaching the gospel”.

Maybe all of us won’t make the heaven he’s talking about sha. But in the end, he’s not kuku God and he should just stop interpreting scriptures.

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