13 Classic Pictures Of Pele, The Football Legend

August 11, 2016
In the football world, the name of Brazilian football legend, Edson Arantes do Nascimiento,  who was named after inventor, Thomas Edison, will never cease to be mentioned. Almost 60 years after making his first appearance in Nigeria during the famous ceasefire of the Nigerian civil war, Pele will be in Nigeria for a series of football events, happening in Lagos later in 2016. Although he was earlier scheduled to visit Nigeria on August 11, his trip was postponed due to reports of his ill health on August 5.

To celebrate the arrival of this legend, here are 13 iconic pictures of the amazing Pele:

1. When he was just a little boy.

2. When he shed tears of joy after winning the first World Cup for Brazil in 1958.

3. When he became the youngest winner of a World Cup at 17.

4. During his first visit to Nigeria during the civil war.

5. That time his team carried him up high after Brazil won the World Cup yet again in 1970.

6. Pele sharing a hug with the incredible Mohammed Ali in 1977.

7. This picture was taken at the famous football match he played during the civil war in Nigeria.

8. When he delivered the most effortless bicycle kick we’ve ever seen in 1968.

9. This picture of two of the greatest Brazilian footballers ever.

10. He was basically chilling with his medals like a bad guy.

11. That time his team mates celebrated his 1000-goal count in 1969.

12. When he had to leave the pitch after getting injured during a match against Portugal in 1966.

13. This adorable picture of him playing football with children on the beach.

We wish him a speedy recovery so he can come and visit us soon!

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