You’re Going To Want Your Johnnie Walker Highball With These 4 Meals.

Johnnie Walker
October 24, 2019

There’s a classic man inside all of us. It is why classic cars will always be in style and why early 2000s RnB will always have our hearts. Old mostly tends to always be gold.

From dressing styles, to good old classic music, there’s nothing quite like the evergreen to show us how things are done.
So when it comes to cocktails, you know you can never go wrong with a timeless classic like the Johnnie Walker Highball Cocktail.

Just take a look at how the highball is described it on the Johnnnie Walker website:

Whether served with ginger ale, or soda – a Johnnie Walker Highball is the perfect drink to unwind with. Refreshing and easy-to-drink … the Johnnie Walker Highball is the ideal drink for a relaxed get-together.

Now if Johnnie Walker says ginger ale and soda are good mixes for the highball, our minds went to the next best thing that goes with drinks — food. What food combinations would go great with said cocktail during a relaxed get-together?  We began to investigate.

After careful research, we came up with the following dynamite Johnnie Walker highball and food combinations for your consuming pleasure:

Chicken and Chips plus Johnnie and Chapman.

We’re not ones to dictate to you what to do, but if you are interested in taking your chicken and chips to a whole other level, just try it with the Johnnie Walker chapman. Try to keep your testimony brief in church after, okay?

Asun plus Johnnie and Apple.

See, we particularly loved this combination because where the asun is burning your tongue with the pepper and spice of 10,000 Yoruba ancestors, the Johnnie highball is there to do damage control, giving your tongue the amazing cocktail relief it deserves.

Jollof rice and the whisky presbyterian.

We won’t talk too much about this, we’ll only ask one thing. When you want to send your thank you notes, feel free to hit us up on any of our social media pages. You’re welcome in advance.

Grilled fish and God’s blessing: The Johnnie Ginger Highball.

Sipping this cocktail is so great, the only thing that can match up with it is something just as used to drinking ⁠— fish. Pro-tip: make sure the pepper in the fish is at its loudest, don’t ask why, just do it! Again, you’re welcome.

Chicken Wings and The Whisky Soda Highball.

Now to get this combo right, you’re going to need a lot of chicken wings. One chicken wing per sip of the amazing Johnnie Soda highball. Some people might say this is in excess, but clearly, those people don’t like better thing.

These are our favourite mixes, we’d love to know how they went for you. Let us know in the comments!

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