If You’re Always Owing Money, This One’s For You

November 4, 2016

1. When you’re trying to remember the last family member you lied with to collect money

Was it Aunty Vero or Brother Linus that had surgery on their tongue?

2. When you finally remember it was Aunty Vero you lied with

Okay, Linus it’s your turn this month.

3. This is how you sleep when you remember how many people you’re owing money

What is a sleep?

4. When your friends see you coming and they know it’s money you’re coming to ask for

Why won’t they run?

5. When you have to go out, but you’re owing everybody on your street money

A different person for every day of the week!

6. When your phone won’t stop ringing and you know it’s people asking for their money

‘Why are they calling? Didn’t I say I’d return their money last year?’

7. When you remember somebody you haven’t asked for money

‘That’s true oh, isn’t Bayo collecting salary this week?’

8. When the people you’re owing finally catch you

One day for the owner!

9. When you sit down and think about your life

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