This Is How You Know When Age Is Catching Up With You

October 11, 2018
Whether it is in Lagos or Lokoja, your youth is usually the best time of your life. Which explains why it’s easy to get lost in it.

Fortunately, when the sands of time start running down, life will let you know you’re getting old.

young at heart
We won’t say we can relate, but here are a few hints you should take note of.

Congrats, you’re a daddy now.

Welcome Daddy
As they say, charity starts at home. The first sign is when the children in your compound graduate from calling you “Uncle” to “Daddy”.

You can’t find clothes for your age bracket

no clothes to wear Homer Simpson
Staying fresh in Lagos is a must, but what can you do when you step in the boutique and all the GUCCI and Supreme looks like children’s costumes? Just go and sew native.

Everything feels like a chore.

getting too old - for this shit.
When you’re always tired of being tired.

“Brother Jerry, Singles meet-up on Tuesday”

You never know about these events until your church-going neighbour decides it’s time for you to go and marry.

All your faves are no longer hosting shows

They told you to go to Freedom Park. That you’d find some good live music. Nobody said you’d see a young woman in dreadlocks singing about Ice-Cream and Poison. Did Tony Tetuila move back to Ilorin?

Policemen put respek on your age

“Good morning Sir. Come out of the vehicle plis. Can I have your keys, please?” “Kneel down, raise up your hands and close your eyes”

You’re always the captain of your set

Obasanjo plays football
Gone are the days when you had to come to the field first or buy the ball. Now they won’t even start if you’re not there, even if you’re the reason they can’t score.

Do they really think you’re Yoda?

Reminds me of a friend who wonders why people come to him for advice. I just can’t tell him it’s because we want to be like him when we grow up. I’m not that kind of person.

While you still have age on your side, what do you most enjoy about being young? Tell us in the comments.

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