We’ve Got Stacks On Stacks On Stacks

May 28, 2019

I don’t know if you guys noticed but we have a brand new site. If you play around it a little you’ll notice all these snazzy new features like ‘Zikoko Originals’ where you can find all of our original video content. Or the ‘Recommended Stories’ section where we highlight articles we think you absolutely need to see, in case you missed it when they were published.

One of the most exciting new features we know you’d definitely love though is our Stacks. 

It’s these ones though, not the image of bundles of naira and dollar notes that popped up in your head when you saw the word ‘stacks’. But these are also almost as exciting. Like, top two best things to happen to the world since the invention of Agege bread kind of exciting. And it’s not number two.

Here’s how our Z! Stacks work. We made a bunch of ‘article playlists’ based on the oh-so-many interests that unite us as Nigerians. Politics, money, nostalgia, music, being broke, the female struggle, turn up. We packed it all in. Each stack contains a number of articles tied together by one central theme that makes up the stack.

So if you like to read about Lagos and all of its excitement and misery, for instance, you’ll find a bunch of articles about it in the ‘This Is Lagos’ stack. 

If you are a 90s baby who’s feeling nostalgic then you can check out that stack and find a couple of articles that’d ignite your nostalgia.

If you want to dive into short horror stories written by @grandpabbychuck that could give Stephen King a run for his money then you should check out the ‘Nigerian Horror Stories’ stack. 

There is a whole bunch of them right now and we’ll continue to create more as we go. You could even suggest stacks you’d like to see on the site. Just slide into any of our DMs or shoot me an email – toketemu@bigcabal.com 

Are you lost in a stack yet?

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