We Thought Up 4 Wholesome Ways To Spend Christmas This Year.

November 6, 2019

You always hear white people say it, but for real, for real, Christmas is a time for giving and not receiving. 

Knowing this, there is no better way to spend Christmas this year, than to take a little focus off of yourself, and instead share the good cheer and love of the season with others. So you won’t have to think too much (thinking causes wrinkles), we thought up four wholesome ways you can let others feel the love this Christmas. Before you ask, this is just one of our good deeds for the season.

  1. Bringing good tidings to children.

Here’s the thing about children, the majority of them are so low-maintenance, it’s almost laughable. You don’t need the biggest bouncy castles or the most elaborate gifts to make their day. Some quality time here, a little Jollof rice and chicken there, perhaps throw a few games into the mix and watch their Christmas and faces take on a glow like you have never seen. I mean look at these cuties!

2. Sharing a meal or two to with people who might not have a lot.

Absolutely no one should have to go without, least of all on Christmas. So this year, take some time out to hand out food, offer any assistance and to show a lot of love to those who aren’t in the best place to do so for themselves. 

3. Playing a part in making sure everyone gets to drip for Christmas!

There’s a recipe for a great Christmas and it involves ingredients like food, great music and Christmas clothes. Here’s how you can make up 1/3 of the trifecta. Give out clothes to the less fortunate. And not just any clothes, clothes they will appreciate. Just to be clear, your clothing gifts shouldn’t be in the holes and run-down territory.

4. Providing financial aid to communities.

We’ll admit, we can all do with a little extra cash at any point in time, but there’s something about Christmas that makes those expenses just hit different.

So, as a part of your end of year good deeds, reach, and by reach, we mean really dig into your pockets and give someone less fortunate a thousand or maybe even a million reasons to smile.

What’s best is, you can do all four of these things without working alone. Christmas on The Streets is working to put a smile on the faces of a lot of people this year 2019. Since 2012, the CoTS team has been working to put smiles on numerous faces over Christmas and during the year.

If you’d like to be a part of the project, all you have to do is follow this link and sign up to partner with them. Have a very Merry Christmas!

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